Rune Divination Practise

Trying to get back into runic divination, I drew a rune last night to represent the tone of today and got R – Raidho – Rad – “riding/journeys” inverted… wondering if inverted means “in a bad way” or just “not quite manifested”…

I figured that one out after spending nearly 3 hours stuck in gridlocked traffic, spiralling out to grip the whole city from its epicentre where a double-decker bus had smooshed a scooter and rider. I was on the scene of the accident just minutes after it happened, just as the first police car started shutting the road in both directions.

I was surprised to get such a visceral, in-ya-face event. I was in the last few people to see the carnage before the cops closed the road. Right time in the wrongest place.

3 hours for what should have taken 20 minutes and a hideous RTA. I now know what “inverted Raidho” means: NO to your Journey, and also bad tidings for the Rider.


Note: I had already drawn another rune: upright B – Berkana – “birch, birth, nurturing/motherhood”, but had *that feeling* that I needed to draw another (which was the doozy). I┬álater realised that Berkana was also accurate, since I had spent a lot of time over the day comforting my wife, who was battling with horrible bouts of deep depression and weeping. Berkana points to her as the maternal – mother of our children – but also to the nurturing, comforting aspect of looking after her.

Wow. Spot on.


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