Runes of Yggdrasil: Rune Cards

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been doing a “rune-a-day” divination practise – selecting a single rune to advise me of the tone or events of the day ahead. Choosing a single rune makes it easier to see how that particular rune manifests or defines  things.

The impetus to do this came from the arrival of my brand new set of rune cards. Produced by Freya Aswynn in association with Atlantis Bookshop, the first edition was limited to 200 sets, of which I received set number 20. This is what Atlantis Bookshop said at the launch of the Runes of Yggdrasil:

We are very excited to be able to offer you a unique opportunity to own this intriguing new deck of rune cards, painted and privately published by the world-renowned rune expert, Freya Aswynn. Created as a signed, limited edition of just 200 sets, they are presented in a handsome metal tin and are accompanied by a booklet providing Freya’s personal perspective on each of the runes.

In her own words, Freya writes “The runes have been central to my life for 35 years and my first book on them appeared in 1984.  Leaves of Yggdrasil was revised and updated in 1998 and became Northern Mysteries and Magic… Painting faces of gods is never easy and after a couple of attempts at illustrating the runes, the project was abandoned. Then, in 2009, I found an art tutor, Danny Francis and with the urging of Frank Geens/Freyr Sveinbjörnsson I started this rune pack. They took a year and I hope you enjoy using them.”

This deck costs £30 and is available exclusively from The Atlantis Bookshop, 49a Museum Street, London, Eng WC1A 1LY. Atlantis is happy to post out decks for those who cannot get to the shop – call 020 7405 2120 for further information. (The above quotation reproduced from A Bad Witch’s Blog)

I was lucky enough to hear about the impending release of the cards because I follow Freya Aswynn on Facebook, and got in early with my order. When my signed and numbered set arrived, I was extremely pleased to have been awarded set number 20… falling within the first 24 sets, the number of Elder Futhark runes, I felt honoured to have received the Mannaz rune; not only for all of the associations and meanings of the rune itself (Man, mankind), but also for the association with the mythic progenitor of the Germanic tribes – Mannus – the Irish/Scottish/Manx deity Manannán mac Lir, and the Norse Moon God, Máni.

An auspicious set to have been granted.


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