Rune Divination Practise

Today’s rune is G – Gebo – “gift”. Symbolising all gifts, giving, and balancing of energies. As Odin said in the Hávamál: “Better not to ask than to overpledge, for a gift demands a gift in return”. In fact, the Hávamál  has much to say about gifts and gifting.

Today’s first gift is that we have taken the day off. With so much continuous effort going into getting everything made and ready for the trade show (both a whole jewellery collection and all of the display plinths and decor), then attending the show, followed by returning to the studio and working flat-out to make and dispatch all of the orders that came in while we were away in London (not to mention weekends being taken up with travel to and effort expended playing in British Championship roller derby), then today is the actual first chance we have had to chill out and relax as a couple.

Another pointer is that of Life itself as a gift: For the first time, the dogs unfortunately managed to corner and kill a squirrel in the park… well, they savaged it and it lay bleeding, twitching and shivering as we hauled them off. Izzy was very distressed and asked me to put it out of its misery, so I broke its neck and felt for no pulse. In this case, a swift and merciful death was the gift. The dogs wanted the body, but I refused to grant that present.

Izzy was distressed and crying all the way home, so didn’t notice as we passed the large dead body of a badger, freshly killed by some idiot in a car. Just a short way further on and a pigeon lay squished in the road. This was the third pigeon that had sparked my attention, thus making the incident-coincidence-confirmation triad of both death and my association of this bird with Frigg: Great Mother, giver of the gift of life itself.

It also reminded me of the story of Frigg foreseeing the death of her beautiful son Baldur and going through the worlds, extracting oaths from all things not to hurt or harm him. She overlooks the Mistletoe, harmless as it seems, and in so doing fastens to Baldur’s fate the means of his demise – a gift to Loki, who will guide the hand of blind Höðr.

But back to how Gebo might relate to the day’s events. We decided to use our day off to rip up the old carpet in the upstairs hall and on the stairs, since Izzy has been trying to find time for a long time. After more than a decade of general wear and tear, of raising kids and dogs and house-training both (with regular mishaps and relapses), it was seriously threadbare, stained and dug up in places. This was certainly an effort to “balance the books” and settle an energy imbalance, since the terrible state of it was really stressing her, making her unhappy in her own home. Seriously, having torn it up and hoovered the dust and decomposed underlay, she is so much happier – even with split and gappy floorboards!

For lunch I cooked delicious corn on the cob, fresh from the allotment (gifts from the Vanir, in return for the effort of cultivating the land and tending the plants with feed and water over the long, hot summer). For dinner we are going to try out the new pizza restaurant on the high street, since we got a 30% off discount voucher (gebo) by just happening to be passing on its opening night. Because we got the discount, we can afford to treat our parents to a meal out (gebo)… reminding me that all parties, celebrations and dining out can be collected under the heading of Gebo, especially if (like tonight) you are taking someone out in return for a dinner they bought you.

It’s a see-saw (teeter-totter), a set of scales balanced and even. Looking at the rune, you can see two Kenaz runes meeting point to point and supporting each other. Like the keystone of an arch, Gebo brings together and balances forces from opposite directions and helps them to support each other; neither taking more than it gives or pushing back harder. It is the rune of truces and peace, of open channels of communication. It is generosity, humility and magnanimity, even in the face of harsh opposition. It is Harald Bluetooth uniting the Danes and enabling all of your devices to communicate… which is one gift we all benefit from :p.





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