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Tlaloc Calling!

March 4, 2017

Spring is springing, and the weather was frequently alternating between bright and sunny with blue skies, or grey overcastness and sharp rain showers. I was at work, grinding the tang of a file before fitting the handle, but my mind was constantly repeating the name “Tlaloc” – I mean, repetitively, continuously, without pause.



April 28, 2016


Hey Widow… It was fun chatting with you after the bout, but I can’t help feeling we got cut short before we’d really scratched the surface. There’s so much more to say.

Because these staves are not just inert shapes, and when you inscribe them onto you, you become theirs – long before you can truly say that *they* are *yours*.

Know you how to cut them? How to colour them? To test them? To send them?

More than a simple adornment, each embodies an energy, a process, an entity – and not all of them will share a table.

Are you prepared to speak *to* them? Speak *for* them? To do as they bid at any hour of the day or night?

I dedicated myself to them long before I etched them onto my skin… By then they were already bone-deep in my being. They pulsed in my marrow, stole my sanity, whittled away my friends until only the longest suffering stayed by me. I can count them on one hand with digits to spare.

I carved my oath upon my heart in a shitty hotel room in Paddington, with its shagged-out bed and full-width mirror. Totally alone.

All this years before I earned the right to bear their marks.

Tread carefully, know what you are asking for before you offer your self, your soul and your sanity.



October 30, 2014

Since I’m in a manic upswing right now, I thought I’d take this opportunity to write a bit about how mania manifests – at least in my case, but from listening to others describe their experiences at the manic pole, I feel pretty sure that at least some of these symptoms will apply to most bipolar people.