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October 17, 2014

Been off sugar for 3 weeks now; last night I could really taste it in the crust of a take-away pizza. Got really thirsty eating it, probably all the hidden salt balancing out the secret sugar.


October 2, 2014

Further to my previous post, I’m gonna take up the OctSober challenge. I’m combining it with another challenge to follow a particular lifestyle for 6 weeks… So, in addition to no booze, I’m cutting out refined sugar, attempting to meditate 5 minutes every day and follow a fairly unchallenging calisthenic/isometric work-out twice a week (in addition to the twice a week I train at the gym). Hopefully I’ll shed 3kg of overweight too.

The deal is that you write yourself a letter at the start laying out all your goals, then don’t open it until the 6 weeks is done